How professional is your business writing really?

Have an expert brush up your writing and learn how to write emails, reports, memos and minutes of meetings with confidence in three individual intensive half-day workshops.

Business Skills 1

This course focuses on the day-to-day communication needs of learners and building confidence and fluency by using every opportunity to get students to carry out tasks in English. It is an integrated course including the key skills of speaking and pronunciation, listening, reading and writing. Introducing yourself, speaking on the telephone, speaking in meetings, agreeing and disagreeing, making arrangements and writing emails are all an integral part of the course.

The most up-to-date business English texts and materials will be used taking into account the aptitudes and needs of the individual student. It is important that the student improves their vocabulary and becomes familiar with the structure of the language so they are expected to carry our self-study assignments in addition to teaching hours.

Level: Pre-intermediate

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