How professional is your business writing really?

Have an expert brush up your writing and learn how to write emails, reports, memos and minutes of meetings with confidence in three individual intensive half-day workshops.

Secretarial Skills

These courses are designed to cover the varied role of a secretary. They are compiled by using materials from various up-to-date teaching publications and professional sources. The courses include the following:

  • Writing skills
  • Language of telephoning
  • Thorough grammar review
  • Typical Dutch mistakes – if relevant.
  • E-mail writing for formal and informal correspondence
  • Arranging meetings
  • Meeting visitors and social English
  • Politeness and dealing with difficult situations
  • Business and general vocabulary
Levels: pre-intermediate to advanced

Contact for Enquiries

Please contact our course coordinator on 06 156 94 629.

Alternatively, you can mail us (contact form).